In honor of National Poetry Month, the focus of the April Pensters’ meeting was an obvious one; the awarding of the PT Paul-Sampson/Satch Sampson Poetry Scholarship also made it cause for celebration. After a months-long application and selection process, Scholarship Chair Barbara Lassiter presented the certificate to Miss Hannah DenhamRead More →

Storytellers from all genres share a common goal: to create a work that is both relatable and unique. In her introduction, guest speaker and poet Mary Murphy advised attendees to “show your reader something they have not thought about.” This doesn’t require elaborate imagery, she explained. Utilizing a common itemRead More →

Thomas Edison famously said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” The saying holds true in writing as much as any endeavor. Authors enjoy the spark of creativity and moments where words spill easily onto paper, yet they must also take on the “perspiration” part of the equation.Read More →

It is always a pleasure to hear from people with passion for a topic. Guest speaker Judith Richards clearly fits the bill. During her presentation “The Importance of Research,” Richards commented that research is like finding treasure. The authenticity gained will “give your character texture.”Read More →

Sea monkeys, yurts, and beauticians were just a few of the words that stand out from Saturday’s meeting. The day began with refreshments provided by members from Spanish Fort and Daphne. President Mavis Jarrell welcomed members and introduced visitors. Business was concluded quickly, ending with a brief unveiling of the much anticipated new website.Read More →

During the September 12th meeting, the Pensters welcomed many new members to the fold. It was a great time for everyone to mingle over refreshments, catch up and kick off a new year. President Mavis Jarrell called the meeting to order just after ten o’clock, expressing her excitement for theRead More →