If you read Ken’s report of his interview with Pensters president Mavis Jarrell, you know that Ken has a whimsical turn of mind and a metaphorical turn of phrase. These qualities are also evident in his poetry, which is succinct and allusive, and in his blog posts, many of which are downright cryptic.Read More →

Mickey (Mary) Cleverdon was born in Tampa, Florida, but has spent most of her life in Alabama, growing up in Bessemer, and studying piano in Birmingham. She attended Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, graduating with a double major in Music and English. She received a Masters degree in English at the University of Alabama in 1958, and returned later to work toward a doctorate while teaching Freshman English. She has taught in English departments at Jacksonville State, the University of South Alabama, Spring Hill College and Faulkner State Junior College in Fairhope.Read More →

Mavis is the first person I’ve met that didn’t know Daphne Alabama has a history museum. I’m trying to put you en point so in an interview situation my usual opener is, “Do you know the name of the Museum in Daphne?” And if they fail, and I like them, I follow up with the whiskered chestnut, “Okay so who is buried in Lenin’s tomb?” Groucho Marx always used Grant’s tomb, but I’ve see Lenin, wax and all. Mavis knew the answer.Read More →

Novelist Ross Henry has an adventure story he started at a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) session in Houston in 2006. But his interest in writing goes back to his high school library where he sat next to a great science fiction collection during study hall. He dabbled in sci-fi short stories after that. Eventually, he met Isaac Asimov in New YorkRead More →

Following the release of her book “Fooling Around with Shakespeare,” author and Pensters member, Glenda Richmond Slater graciously agreed to sit down for an interview. The visit began with a good measure of Southern hospitality, a kettle on the stove and a pair of cozy green armchairs. Read More →

We Pensters know Cleveland Brown for his great job as the photographer for our group, making a visual documentation of guest speakers, special events, and audience participation. In conducting this interview, Cleve was kind enough to bring me a run-down on his life and activities, especially regarding his photography and writing. Read More →