March’s contest: “Saying goodbye to an old friend,” offered a mixture of serious and humorous moments.   Special thanks to judge Mary Murphy and congrats to all the winners! Poetry: First Place: Sylvia Dodgen Second Place: Jan Smith Honorable Mention: Mickey Cleverdon Prose: First Place: Sylvia Dodgen Second Place: RosanneRead More →

Entries for February’s contest ranged from humorous tales of teenage Valentine’s Day heartbreak to spiritual reflection and even included a limerick. It’s hard to believe they all started with the same prompt: “A heart-shaped box on the table.” Special thanks to guest judge Karen B. Kurtz for the difficult taskRead More →

This month’s prompt, “Let It Go and Move On”, brought in some great entries. As always, winners were invited to read their work for the group. Congratulations to all! Poetry: First Place: Sylvia Dodgen Second Place: Jan Smith Honorable Mention: Jule Moon Prose: First Place: Glenda Slater Second Place: Linda WillingRead More →

November’s writing contest, “No Turkey for Thanksgiving,” brought in some great entries. Below are the winners in both the Prose and Poetry categories. Prose: First place: Monica Taylor Second place: Beth Carrier Honorable mention: C.R. Bailey Poetry: First place: Susan Martinello Second place: Glenda Slater Honorable mention: Cleveland Brown  Read More →

Last month’s contest on the topic “Finders Keepers” brought in many excellent entries. Special thanks to guest speaker and judge Mary Palmer for making the difficult choices. Congrats to all the winners! Prose: First place: Monica Taylor Second place: Rosanne Gulisano First honorable mention: Joy A. Sterling Second honorable mention:Read More →

Prose: First Place: Monica Taylor, “On Becoming a Deity” Second Place: Linda Willing, “The Bates Motel” Honorable Mention: Joy Sterling, “I Wish I Could Have Read the Directions” Poetry: First Place: Beth Carrier, “Humanity’s Lament” Second Place: Mickey Cleverdon, “Sestina: Traveling Alabama” Honorable Mention: Sylvia Dodgen, “Raw Talent”  Read More →