Contest Topic for November 2018—It was here when I moved in Speaker/Judge  Roy LeBlanc Prose First place: Linda F. Willing   Title: The Key Second place: C. D. Collins  Title: It Was Already There When I Moved In Honorable mention: Larry Wilson   Title: Letting Go Poetry First place: BeckyRead More →

Winners are revealed for the September 2018 Pensters Writing Contest! Guest Judges Joe Formichella and Suzanne Hudson reviewed prose and poetry entries for the prompt: “If I knew then what I know now…”Read More →

Monthly Contest Winners for February, 2018 Topic:  The Heart of the Matter Speaker/Judge: Leslie Anne Tarabella Prose First place: Nancy Oermann   “Tea With My Mother” Second place: Joy Sterling  ” The Heart Of The Matter” Honorable mention: Rosanne Gulisano  ” A Forever Family” Poetry First place: Susan Martinello  Read More →

Congrats to this month’s contest winners! The prompt was: A year after he died. Special thanks to guest speaker and judge Frye Gaillard.
First place: Mary Ardis Driving To Wetumpka
Second place: Victoria Everett A Year After He Died
Honorable mention: Rosanne Gulisano The HoarderRead More →

October’s topic was: “A Justifiable Sin.” Pensters would like to offer a special thanks to Dr. Jerry Blacklaw for serving as guest judge. Congrats to all the winners! Prose: First Place: Joy Sterling I Cannot Tell a Lie, Except Second Place: Mary Ardis Drive by Sinning Honorable Mention: Jule MoonRead More →

Prose: First place – Bill Meck, “Pranksters at WKAR-TV” Second place – Sylvia Williams Dodgen, “So It Has Come to This” HM – Linda F. Willing, “So it has come to this” Poetry: First place – Joy Sterling, “It’s Finally Come to This” Second place – Jule Moon, “It HasRead More →

Topic: A Surprise on the Doorstep Prose: First place: Linda F. Willing “Deliverance” Second place: Sylvia Williams Dodgen “A Surprise on the Doorstep” Honorable Mention: Joy Sterling “The Decision” Poetry: First place: Sylvia Williams Dodgen “Shiny Gifts on the Doorstep” Second place: Glenda Slater “Mood Masks” Honorable Mention: Joy SterlingRead More →