Rosanne Gulisano: An Interview for Pensters Writing Group

by Cleveland Brown

Have you ever wanted to write your life story but didn’t think you could? Did you ever consider asking someone to write your story for you but didn’t know who to ask? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are going to enjoy meeting Rosanne Gulisano.

rosanne-gulisano-photobRosanne is the founder of Lifestories: Creating a Memoir, a memoir writing workshop and she is the author of a how-to book, From Intention to Reality: A Guide for Writing Your Own Life Story. Her passion is to assist and encourage everyone possible to write their own life story. She began writing her story while living near Chicago in the 1990’s and meeting monthly with a group of ladies pursuing the same goal. They shared their stories, ideas, experiences, what worked and what didn’t work, offered encouragement to each other and helped each other learn to write their life story.

Rosanne and her husband Matt now live in Fairhope, Alabama where she spends much of her time convincing folks to write their own story and serves as their mentor and instructor. She is a member of The Pensters Writing Group and the Fairhope Writers Group. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her personal concern for helping others is readily apparent as you talk with her. She takes a genuine interest in her clients and becomes not only a facilitator but a friend.

There are several methods by which Rosanne can help you get your story into print, thereby preserving your family history for all generations to come. If you choose to do your own writing, then, by all means, purchase and use her writing guide. After beginning your story, you may decide you need more assistance. If so, Rosanne offers coaching services on an individual or group basis or she will mentor you through your entire writing project.

Another service Rosanne offers is conducting writing workshops. Conducting workshops is a favorite method of hers because of the interaction she can have with the participants and because of the interaction generated among the participants. Her workshops include:
(1) Learning the Basics; (2) Writing is a Gift; (3) World Events and Me; (4) Family Matters; (5) He Said, She Said; (6) In My Own Words.

If you don’t think writing your story is a project you want to undertake, Rosanne can still help you get your story written. She is also a freelance memoir ghostwriter. As your ghost writer she will spend whatever time it takes to conduct interviews with you, your family members and others, browse through family documents and photographs and select those items which will best tell your story.

Rosanne has written several biographies, a 50th anniversary corporate history book and a community memory book. One of her biographies, Letting Go, was one of her most memorable projects because of the friendship which she established with the family.

If you would like for Rosanne to assist you in writing your story or if you want to learn more about her and the services she offers, you can visit her website and Facebook page or contact her by email.


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